Chicago, The Metro, 4.15.2010. My very first performance of “Hot for Teacher,” a song I would later abandon in favor of Slayer. This features a little “funny” bit with a bikini-clad transvestite teacher and my experiment with long-sleeved fringe, also abandoned.

This video may be more notable for my second round of Bon Jovi, where I got 5.9., 5.9, and 6.0!

I can now die a happy air guitarist. Coolest photo ever.

hot lixx hulahan models mean melin shirt2008 World Champion and best air guitarist of all-time, Hot Lixx Hulahan models his brand new Mean Melin T-shirt (and pulls off a sweet MM trademark sneer). How awesome is that?

I still have some left after the mass order to help me get to Vegas, so if you want one, email me at or go to this link and click ‘donate’ and I will hook you up!

NYC bound, baby!